Working With You

Why engage in anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices?

  • To understand and examine how systemic oppression affects you, your organization and society
  • To identify anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices and integrate into your vision and organizational structures 
  • To develop anti-racist and anti-oppressive action plans that support organizational transformation

How do we internationalize our mindset for global citizenship in a digital age?

  • Help participants see how mindset is shaped by and through difference
  • Enabling participants to develop global competency and literacy
  • Help educational institutions do internationalizing better and more equitably, such as improve study abroad, academic exchanges, grant collaborations, and the integration of international employees and students.

Who are we serving and working with?

  • Help participants recognize relationality and intersectionality
  • Enable participants to see how identity-based trauma, microaggressions and gas-lighting, can impact social interactions and people’s ability to learn.
  • Develop more authentic (less transactional) partnerships.
  • Develop critical allyship.

How do we transform workplace culture? 

  • Enable organizations to support the success of underrepresented employees 
  • Build equity based workplace portfolios and organizational structures to achieve your collective goals
  • Develop a reflective practice to ensure dynamic capacity building and sustainability

Facilitators and Partners

for Sustainable Change

We work collaboratively with individuals, groups, and organizations in the education, non-profit, and corporate sectors. We provide equity-based, transformative services, including strategic planning, leadership and organizational advancement, program design and evaluation, grant development, and writing support. We offer consulting and professional development packages, as well as stand-alone sessions. We tailor our services to meet your goals and needs.

Strategic Planning

We facilitate interactive discussions with key stakeholders, including courageous conversations on difficult yet necessary topics for meaningful change and transformation. We support organizations in setting their goals and targets, identifying their assets and areas for improvement, and developing plans and timelines for action and accountability.

Leadership and Organizational Advancement

We work closely with individuals and organizations to identify and enhance critical knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will advance their goals and targets. A highly interactive process of seminars, reflections, and assessments guides their journey of transitions and sustainable transformations.

Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

We collaborate with organizations to design programs that fit their mission, organizational strengths and competencies, as well as funding and personnel capacity. With clear goals, outcomes, and measures, our partnership can include needs assessment, systems analysis, program and action planning, and data collection, analysis, and reporting for evaluation.

Professional Development

We help you develop the skills you need to support your goals, including seminars, retreats, and reflective assessment that guide your professional journey.