Project Ilumina

Social Justice Change You Can Sustain

Project Ilumina is a research-based collective of academics, coaches, consultants, and change-collaborators with over two decades of expertise in building capacity and infrastructure supporting social and eco-justice.


What strategies and skills will enhance your individual and institutional capacity for meaningful change and positive results?


How do differences (race, class, gender, etc.) and their intersections shape the mission and operation of your organization?


Are you ready to create a relational process built on trust, communication, and collaboration?

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Our Mission

As change-collaborators, we equip and support clients to become effective navigators and problem solvers for an equitable society.

Working With You

Strategic Planning

We facilitate interactive and courageous conversations on difficult yet necessary topics for genuine growth and transformation.

Leadership and Organizational Advancement

We help identify and strengthen critical knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will advance goals and targets.

Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

We collaborate to design programs that enhance organizational mission, competencies, funding, and capacity. We help you target funding agencies and foundations and develop competitive proposals to support your goals.

Professional Development

We help you develop the skills you need to support your goals, including seminars, retreats, and reflective assessment that guide your professional journey.

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Working together for a more just and equitable world.